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Julia Roberts - True Story

A while back, I was waiting for my car to be worked on and the TV was on. I pretty much never watch TV, though I'm glad this time it was there.

Julia Roberts was being interviewed about her experiences, including her rise to fame.

She recalled moving from Georgia to New York, and it was "such a big place." As an aspiring, unsuccessful actress, Julia felt alone.

She felt like a failure.

Every night, she cried on the phone with her mother. Julia just wanted to come home.

Her mom would lovingly reply:

"You stay there. Don't you come home."

Fortunately, Julia listened both to her mother and the deeper yearnings of her heart. For that, we have been given the gift of a brilliant actress.

Her story also reminds us that no matter what we see "out there," so many of us are the same on the inside...

We have our doubts and fears.

We have our dreams.

And we all have parts of ourselves that try to stop us from reaching those dreams.

Stories like hers are why The Miracles Store exists.

Not all of us have the amazing family and parental support that Julia has.

Some of us need daily reminders of just how amazing and beautiful we are...

Some of us need daily reminders of just how much potential we truly have...

And some of us need reminders that miracles do happen.

No matter how tough your life might be right now: Stay strong, your miracle is coming.


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I included this item on my Facebook account, because I felt immediately inspired toilet go of doubts that clouded my mind until that instant I chose to open my mind and read it. Thank you for making this available.

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