The Definition of a Miracle

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If you were to search online, you'd find several definitions of a miracle. 

Truthfully though, miracles can't be defined -- only witnessed and experienced.

They can also be big or small. What defines a miracle is not its size or magnitude, but rather, our direct personal (and subjective) experience. 

To celebrate the miracles that happen in our lives, every day, we've decided to kick off our very first contest!

3 lucky people will win their choice of ANY single product in our store!

It's simple to enter, anybody can win from any country in the world, and no purchase is necessary. :) 

Here are the rules for our "Definition of a Miracle Contest"...

  1. Browse around our site and pick a phrase that represents a miracle that has happened in your life.
    (You can find a list of all our miracle phrases here

  2. Using that phrase as an inspiration, write a comment below and share a miracle that has happened to YOU.

  3. Then on Oct. 31st, we will randomly select 3 winners who get a prize of their choice from our store! (maximum value: $50)

After you write down your miracle in the comments below, be sure to SHARE THIS post! 

It's important that we share our miracles with the world...

To help pick people up from their tough times, to bring smiles to peoples' faces, and to be the miracle we want to see in the world.

We look forward to celebrating your miracles AND the winners soon!