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If you were to search online, you'd find several definitions of a miracle. 

Truthfully though, miracles can't be defined -- only witnessed and experienced.

They can also be big or small. What defines a miracle is not its size or magnitude, but rather, our direct personal (and subjective) experience. 

To celebrate the miracles that happen in our lives, every day, we've decided to kick off our very first contest!

3 lucky people will win their choice of ANY single product in our store!

It's simple to enter, anybody can win from any country in the world, and no purchase is necessary. :) 

Here are the rules for our "Definition of a Miracle Contest"...

  1. Browse around our site and pick a phrase that represents a miracle that has happened in your life.
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  2. Using that phrase as an inspiration, write a comment below and share a miracle that has happened to YOU.

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It's important that we share our miracles with the world...

To help pick people up from their tough times, to bring smiles to peoples' faces, and to be the miracle we want to see in the world.

We look forward to celebrating your miracles AND the winners soon!


Courtney on

The Light Shall Be My Guide Today- I try very hard to “be the light” to people as I go through my day. I eve. Have a reminder in my phone that is set to remind every morning at 8am. ?☀️⚡️??❤️?This morning however, was a particularly hard day for me to find my own light. My reminder did little to get me out of my funk… so I had to find the light… and I did. In the smiles of strangers, in signs from the Universe and then my light began to return. We can not be the light, we are a reflection of the light- and we must be careful that nothing blocks the light from entering our hearts.

Florencia Cox on


cyndee on

Be the miracle you want to see in the World today?this is my motto ,my way of life

cyndee on

Be the miracle you want to see in the World today?

sue werner on

I can best express the miracle of my relationship with God in verse;
The moon that hangs above me casts off a milky glow,
YOU and I approach my boat…YOU smile then off we go.
It’s part of my life journey to find a deeper me…
Through rolling waves and frothy swells,
Revealing who I’m meant to be.
We pass through waters deepening still, once again I see old fears,
From childhood to here and now they’ve changed little through the years.
Like not achieving my perfection …oh, what standards I have placed,
Upon myself and others too in this vast and open space.
On we ride to face head on every worry that I’ve known’
But in my heart Your sweet voice says “Just see how much you’ve grown”.
Friendships lost are being renewed, old hurts YOU start to heal,
My boat is such a comfort now…Your presence is my keel.
How long a journey this will be is not for me to write,
Of this I know, deep in my heart YOU will guide me through each night.

And, this life of mine has been a miracle. Each breath I take, every smile I give, every hand I touch is part of the miracle of Him illuminating His light through me. My ride continues…

Tom Dorr on

Life is a miracle…I’m so thankful for this experience of life, the love of my wife, family, kids and friends. Living in the present as much as possible and having the perspective of life is a miracle helps me be grateful, optimistic and get unstuck. After loosing my mother to alcoholism at an early age made me realize there is no guarantee that tomorrow will be here and to be thankful for each day. Be the miracle this life has given us.

Carmen Rodríguez on

I don’t expect miracles, I rely on them! (I’m a mom), and I have not experienced one miracle, but so many I can’t even count them. From their conception, their birth (isn’t it a miracle just to be alive?), the loss of the fourth soul we kept for almost three months and are sure now, after 16 years, is an integral part of our family and has always been, the growth, falls, almost accident-miracles they have been kept from, the challenges, overcoming the fears of letting them separate little by little and fly, independent and by themselves, each day being grateful for the miracles that let them avoid any harm or overcome a broken heart, loneliness, work troubles and relationships… Life is a continous miracle to me, and to think I rely on them has made my life more peaceful, help me trust, always hope and know for sure they are going to be fine.

Becky on

Expect miracles

A short story of A Small Miracle. I had my last $20 in my purse. A man was standing on the side of the road as I was waiting at a red light. His eyes kept meeting mine and my inside voice said give him your $20. I don’t normally do that because so many of these people are using it for drugs. But this seemed different. But this is your last $20, the inside voice, this is the makings of Miracles. The lights seem to last longer than any light I’ve ever sat at so finally I roll down my window and wave him over and give him $20. His eyes soften and his hands go to his heart, God bless you he says. With joy he runs to his bike in the way that he could run considering his legs were not that strong. He picks up his bike, obviously something very exciting to do with that $20. Then he turns around again, with his hands on his heart, God bless he says. I felt so blessed and so happy and I knew somehow I had made his day and he had made mine. I get home and in my mailbox is a check, $25 for a tax refund. Expect miracles.

Madeline on

I grew up in a toxic and violent home environment. In my twenties and early thirties, I had many failed attempts to find my perfect match. Then, the guy I dated at 33 years of age almost murdered me. He was demonically possessed – I heard the voice of the devil speak through him when he told me I was going to die that night. I had an employee who was working for me tell me when I next went in to work that he had been there in spirit (he had astral travelled) and had been watching what was going on, and that it was divine intervention that I was still alive. He said that for the previous three weeks he had known that sooner or later this was going to happen. When he told me this I had a rush of goosebumps run over my entire body, which he then said was the Holy Spirit who had visited me. I was then told later that my life had been saved due to the fact that I was meant to do important things with my life, that I had a real purpose.

It has taken twenty years since then, but I have since raised the funds to fully fund a charity of my own – on my own – which helps women get out of violent relationships. I also have a lovely partner who is a good man who had just joined me on that journey. I’ve written book number one of a series of novels for teenagers that will help them recognise when they’re getting into relationships with guys who could hurt or maim them, or worse still, murder them.

It was a miracle that I was spared, but it’s obvious now why that miracle occurred. Thank you Father in Heaven, for the blessings that I now have in my life.

Curt on 31 Oct 14:30 on

All of creation is a miracle. If all of creation is holy then where ever I step is Holy Ground and I am moving in and through the Divine.

Andrea L on

I choose Love! That’s my miracle statement :))

When I began dating again after a very hurtful divorce, I had a list (probably from when I was a young girl) that I thought was going to bring the perfect man for me, and I certainly deserved it after what I’d been through. I’d prayed about it, and had actually been praying for years. So I went out with about 5 or 6 men who were my age in their 50’s, though none were really men, more just like aged boys – one with a great body, one who was tall, a pilot, one who was foreign, etc. None of these worked out, imagine that, nothing from a silly list I made as a girl was what I needed NOW! Then one day I finally said “God, this is going to have to come from you because I’m not doing so well at it!” On my next date, when I saw him, I was so relieved and delighted! He was so much more than anything on my list, so much more than I even knew I wanted, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. THAT to me is the miracle of Love that God gifted us with. There’s no other feeling like it!! So from my heart to yours, I Choose Love :))

Jana on

For 15 years I prayed, had a Treasure Map on my wall, and walked my talk, for a Healthy Holy Christ Child. Many friends tried to talk me out of my Alchemy over those 15 years but I continued to ask for a Miracle. I had been told I probably would never have children due to the birth control pills I took in High School. I also “knew” that to have a baby somehow meant cancer but I was determined to bring this child into embodiment. I did tell the Universe that I was ok if this didn’t happen since I had many children of friends around me and all was good!

I had about 14 miscarriages in that 15th year, odd cells were found covering 3/4’s of my cervix. The doctor told me that if I had waited 6 more months I would have had stage 4 cancer. At age 39, I had one of the first slicing and burning procedures done instead of a coning procedure that would have stopped all possibility of a pregnancy. 6 months later I conceived and held our now, darling 20 year old daughter!

I AM Unconditional Love, living in The Now with the Law of Intention and Attraction. Life is GOOD and I am GRATEFUL!

Rozy on

“You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.”

“Never give up! If it’s meant to be it will be if you stay true to your hearts desire and your values.”

Recently I had challenges thrown up everyway I turned. I’d been trying to get pregnant and find a new home that would accommodate my new space needs over the last year. In a magical miracle everything came together at about the same time. My pregnancy was confirmed on the same day as I took ownership of my new house.

Refusing to give up and persisting in the face of adversity will lead to miracles happening when you least expect it to, even when you expect miracles.

Katherine on

Keep calm and expect Miracles
In my home province, over the last month, political decisions, catalyzed by fear, were taken, banning face coverings. Many immigrants and refugees have felt hurt and unwelcome because of this law. I feel sorrowful and embarrassed, that we as a fortunate, educated society cannot find loving solutions. A few days ago, our city experienced a power failure. The subway system and traffic lights were down during the morning rush hour. Instead of taking the subway, I was forced to wait for a bus that was delayed. As commuters boarded the bus the were scolding the bus driver. Despite being faced with hostility, he was polite and kind, and quickly dispelled the tension… his loving approach worked a little miracle in those unhappy people. Grateful, I smiled at the woman sitting next to me. She spoke to me with broken French. She is a Syrian refugee, in Canada for 3 months. I told her how happily the majority of Canadians welcome her and her fellow refugees, and how sorry I am that fear, of a vocal few, has triggered politicians to vote in unconstitutional and bigoted laws. She cried happy tears, and told me that her personal encounters have been supportive and loving. Through calm, we can weather storms, big and small. All are miracles.

Nancy taylor on

Miracle Zone. Every time I step outside of my comfort zone, magic happens!

Margaret on

Life is a miracle!
I had a vague stomach ache, so I decided to go to see the doctor my friend had recommended, primarily because they accepted walk-ins. I was a bit surprised when this doctor started doing lots of tests, but I thought it might be because I was new and they could sock it to my insurance agency. Then the doctor came back with the results of one test, and, when I asked her how it had gone, she said, “The ambulance will be here in about 5 minutes.” I was totally shocked. It turned out that I was in almost complete heart failure and might have died that same day. I spent a week in the hospital, then came out, got a nice cardiologist, and aggravated him for a year, asking if I would ever able to stop taking all the medication. Then, one day, after a sort of routine test (there were so many over and over again), my doctor said my heart was functioning perfectly. He sounded surprised. I certainly was. 3 months later, I am off all of the medications. Especially since the cardiologist had said that I would have to take the medications for the rest of my life, I know a miracle happened. Now, I’m beginning to get back to normal. I know a lot of people were praying for me, even though I don’t know who they all were. I guess there is something else I have left to do.

Gena Rawdon on

I have been blessed eith the miracle if a forgiving spirit and a resilient nature. Peace, love and miracles indeed!

Cecilia on

I already sent my story. If I send it twice do I get the prize??? ?

Kathi on

I believe in miracles every time I look at my children and my new granddaughter. I was told that I wouldn’t have any children and after 8 yrs of trying, I was blessed with my first boy. I now have 3 children. My granddaughter was born premature and weighed 3 lbs 15 oz. She was was able to go home with my son and daughter-in-law after spending 11 days in NICU. She is 4 weeks old today. She is perfectly healthy and weighs 5 lbs 2 oz.

Natalia Reparaz on

I had been listening to “A Course in Miracles” for several days. One morning, I woke up hearing this sentence: “Teach only Love, for that is what you are”. It resounded on my head several times. I decided to apply it in my life, and it has improved for the better!

Bobbie P. on

Keep Calm and Expect Miracles:

At one point in time, a company I worked for lost the contract to continue work in supporting another company. The contract would be transitioning to a new company and all around me people were in panic mode.

I had been doing positive affirmations for some time, and rather than going into panic mode, I simply had faith that a new job would manifest easily and I stayed calm, expecting that miracle.

About 3 weeks after the news was received about the contract loss, I was contacted about a new position and was selected for it. I stayed in that new position with the company for several years, before electing to move to another company. Staying calm and believing in the miracle helped make the transition easy and I was so grateful for the new opportunity provided by that miracle.

Sharianne Schnurr on

Thy will be done this day!
Today Is a day of completion
I give thanks for this perfect day,
Miracle shall follow Miracle and
Wonders shall never cease
I look with wonder at that which is before me

Kristine Ouedraogo on

Weekend Forecast: Partly Magical With A Chance Of Miracles – sometimes its just a matter of changing your perspective to find the light and often when I expect great things, great things happen!

Crystal on

“Keep Calm and Expect Miracles”. I used to worry about everything, from my health, my family, friends and collegies to watching the negative news. Then one day someone shared with me this exact quote. I live my life around this quote. Anxiety, and depression no longer rule my life. I am healthy, strong and value all the little and big things in my life. I am blessed everyday! Sending love and light to whomever is reading this.

Joan on

“Everything is a miracle… Everyone is a miracle… Everyone is a miracle worker… Miracle is what you make of it”.

Everything for me is a miracle…
Last year I went through a really challenging time in my life. Someone I was trying to help swindled me and I almost lost every thing I worked hard for all my life. I have every reason in the world to be bitter and angry at life. But it was the most amazing time that proved to me how God works in my life. People who would see me through had already been placed strategically beside me. The sincerity, loyalty and love of these people have saved me more than once,…God makes miracle happen through us. We must take advantage of the opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Sheryl Andrew on

God shall be my guide today.

Ten years ago, my Mum was terminally ill with cancer and whilst I was unaware of how much time she had, she asked of me only one request and that was that I would be with her at the end. At this time, my work meant that I was always travelling long distances and I was very concerned that I would not be within reach when she needed me. I asked God to help me to know when the time was right and ensure that I would be by her side.
Three days before her passing, I began to notice an extremely disheveled Magpie who would appear on the roof of my conservatory whenever I entered and would constantly peck at the roof. Now being superstitious at the time, I did everything I could to scare the Magpie away but it was constant in its approach to the point where it was extremely unsettling. In desperation one morning I looked at the Magpie and asked “What do you want”?. Immediately a voice in my head said “Don’t go far”. I immediately rang my boss and informed him that I would not be travelling in the coming weeks. The following morning my beautiful Mum passed away and I was by her side as promised. When I returned home, the Magpie was sitting quietly on my fence. I looked at him and thanked him with all my heart for his kindness, and he flew away, never to be seen again. I believe God knew that the Magpie was the only bird I would have noticed since I was so superstitious about them, and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to fulfill my promise to the greatest and most loving woman that ever graced this Earth.

Eileen Rodarte on

“Be The Miracle You Want To See In The World”
At times you find yourself in desperate situations those in which you beg for a miracle and feel a sense of hopelessness. Then there are the good times where in which you have no worries and everything is great. You must be the miracle and offer yourself to those in need before you can demand or question why you’ve never experienced one.

Colleen Brady on

“You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.”

Years ago, there was a little girl who use to come to my house to play with my young daughter. She was always dressed in dirty clothing and liked to be around my house and my daughter. I would always let her stay for dinner and she would show up early in the morning for breakfast. She disappeared one day and I just figured they moved. About 15 years later she shows up at my door to visit with my daughter and she was a beautiful, well dressed kind and fantastic woman. She told me, “Colleen, I called children’s aid one day and they came to my house and took me away and I was raised in a home with great foster parents” It was because of the things you did for me and the way that you treated your daughter that made me call for help that day and my life is so good right now. I have a great job and I’m married with 2 little girls and we are healthy and happy. I still love my Mom but she needs to get some help and I just couldn’t be with her anymore. I just want to thank you for the influence you have had in my life and I love you so much."

Alexis on

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”

This concept is something that I find myself coming back to — particularly in this current social/political climate. It’s good to have that reminder that we will make it through this — that love WILL ultimately prevail.

James Cathcart on

A grateful heart is a miracle magnet. My goal every waking and sleeping moment is to think every thought and take every action as my willingness to be a co-creator with God. I know She can do it alone, but I pray 24/7/365 that my goal is helpful to all of creation. Amen.

Evgeniya on

I do believe in miracles!

Although.., miracles are things that are very normal things or events if you look at them from certain point of view))) I grew up in the Soviet Union with extremely materialistic approach to everything, I even obtained a PhD in science, and now I am an energy healer that can tell and describe people how their Spirit Guides or Angels look like, and very often these people tell me that they either saw smth like that or someone else long or not so long ago told them the same thing. I consider it as a miracle))) Thank you!

Melodie on

I have a new baby granddaughter. Life truly is a miracle!

Susan Jones on

Life is a miracle.
My youngest son passed away at the age of 26 three years ago. It is devastating to our large family; he was always the laughter and joy, such a beautiful and unique soul. Still missing him with every breath we take, and remembering him all the time, as we move forward. As the first anniversary of his passing approached, our oldest son welcomed a new daughter. And then as the second anniversary of his passing was upon us, our youngest daughter had a baby girl, who is named for her uncle. As we remember our Ian, miracle babies have come to bring back some of the laughter and joy, in a month that we were dreading every year, we now find delight.

Elke on

I believe in miracles!
I am a Reiki master, but I never wanted to make money with this wonderful energy, so only treated friends and family Three years ago, I saw a seriously ill young man whom I had never met before in a dream. A few days later I got to know this man by accident. He was indeed seriously sick. I asked for his permission to send him Reiki as long as necessary, and he was steadily improving. Experiences like this have occurred again and again since that time, and I truly believe in miracles!

Marshell Wooley on

Do All Things With Love…Jesus want’s us to love one another. I could not do these things on my own, I was struggling until my Jesus showed me the way :) Once I started trusting in HIM my life improved %100! I found a good man, raised two wonderful children and am a content, happy wife.

Melissa D on

“What if the sidewalk was littered with postcards from God?”- Walt Whitman
Every day there are miracles and messages! To me, they come in many forms. My favorite is the unexpected feather. It’s always a message to me that things are well or that it will be alright. Going through a difficult time, I was out for a walk. There were literally feathers down a whole block. One beautiful white feather after another not more than a foot apart. It was a beautiful message that I hope to remember always. The best part? Everything was better than alright!

Lori on

I believe in Miracles
My friend and I attended a service at Holy Hill
She had 2 daughters getting married and her ex husband Andy had not worked in over a year. We prayed he would find a job. One week later I get the news he received a job and of all places-at Holy Hill. While working construction on rebuilding there a co worker found a rubber brand bracelet outside the church that said www.pray for
I BELIEVE in Miracles !! They happen every day. The Divine work’s in Divine ways!!!!
All the Best

Wanda on

A Grateful Heart Is A Miracle Magnet and I Believe In Miracles. I’ve had RA since the mid 80s. I’ve stayed active as best I could. I always was active and wanted to continue doing that. In 2007 I almost died twice. The first time I came home from a scuba diving trip in April and I was having trouble breathing. I went to the ER and they said the RA attacked my lungs like my lungs were a foreign object. Scuba diving had nothing to do with this. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks. Then it happened again in the end of July and this time it was worse. I was in ICU in a induced coma on a respirator, feeding tube, chest tube and much more for about a month. When they took me off the machines my muscles where in severe atrophy. I couldn’t even stand by myself. I was in the hospital another 8 days and then in inpatient physical and occupational therapy for another 8 days. Then I was in out patient physical therapy for about 6 months. I was on very strong high dose drugs. I got my strength back. Starting doing more physical activity. Started scuba diving again and other activities I like to do. In 2013 I did my first Iron Girl Triathlon. I’ve done one every year since then doing 5 so far. By the way, I turned 70 this year. I am actively training and exercising and living my life. Every day when I meditate I end my writing portion with ‘have an attitude of gratitude’. I am so grateful to be alive. I’ve always believed in angels and miracles and am so blessed.

Lori Cr on

iChing “Heaven On Earth” when peace, success, and wisdom are inspired.. I love looking for signs and symbols everywhere I go. They are surrounding us on Earth. Until I experienced a tragedy i was not seeing everything that surrounds us on Earth. Now i am finding that there is no separation between heaven and earth – it is only within us that we are separated. Look around and you will see signs everywhere. One of my peaceful places is to go to nature and spend time alone – that brings me more peace than anything else. I’m grateful i live in an area where i am able to do that.

Adriann White on

A grateful heart is a miracle magnet!

About 17 years ago, I went through a devastating series of events: the 2 grandparents who’d raised me both died, my marriage fell apart, I got laid off from a 23-year career, and I fell and broke my leg. After listening to me bemoan my terrible luck, a friend advised that I quit asking, “What else can go wrong?”. She said, “Hasn’t enough already gone wrong? Why ask for more? Change your luck by changing your attitude. Start being grateful for all the good things and people around you?”

Once I started expressing my appreciation for all the blessing I do have, things really started to turn around for me. A new, healthier, happier career opened up and I’ve been enjoying that for 15 years. I’m surrounded by kind, caring people. There’s always enough money to keep bills paid, with some left over for fun and donations.

My whole attitude has shifted because being grateful for all the goodness I experience truly does attract even more goodness into my life!

Merle Hopkins on

Expect Miracles ❤️?

One of my fondest miracle memories is when a friend and I went to my best friends grave site, when all of a sudden a flock of gease flew over us , then out in a field next to the cemetery was a huge Bull Elk. We watched this Bull Elk meander away as to say ( I’m here).

Raelle on

When I was 18 yrs, I was walking home from work and I stopped to wait for a train at the crossing, it passed and I walked out to be confronted with a train coming in the opposite direction which was hidden by the first train.
I believe in miracles from that day, I was too far gone to turn back and felt the rush of wind as it just missed me.
Life changed for me that day, my angels saved my retched soul, I am for ever grateful. I’m 61 now.

jane brendgen on

waking up to the miracle of being embodied. This extraordinary body is alive with wisdom, intelligence and beautiful sensitivity. I’m deeply grateful to have discovered the path of meditation and to be growing the capacity to be more fully present in my body. This is a miracle.
Also, discovering Self-compassion, the act of being kind to myself and seeing how the inner critic is being increasingly loved by my compassionate self. the miracle is that i am learning to love myself and this is the doorway to freedom.
Such gratitude.

Marcia on

I was diagnosed with a fatal disease. I was sick for 5 years. The only way out was a double-lung transplant. Peace came over me as I moved to be close to the hospital. A friend took the train to see me and brought a word from God”You are at the end of your tour trail of tears”. The next day i got the call that my lungs had arrived. During recovery a volunteer taught several of us painting. When I returned home I started to receive visions of angels to paint and raise money for the church kitchen remodeling. That was 15 years ago! I believe in miracles! I believe in miracles!

Brenda Chambers on

Life is a miracle. My life is a series of miracles, starting with being alive. I was kidnapped at gunpoint when I worked for Domino’s pizza, stood next to someone being shot, got sober at 40, survived liver disease of unknown origin that they didn’t think I would live through and it continues to be a miracle every day I’m alive.

Buff Carmichael on

Keep Calm and Expect Miracles
I have always become easily frustrated and then I’m more apt to mess up again. Since I’ve become more reliant on the Holy Spirit, I tend to turn my frustrations over to Him and allow the Voice For God to direct me. Life is much easier that way.

Debby on

I went to lunch with my bro-n-law today. He was barely able to walk and we were talking about him getting a slant board. He expressed that it wasn’t in his budget but perhaps in the future. I expressed that he needed to expect a miracle. Later today he called me and a man had called him that he hadn’t seen since Spring and asked him to stop by. He had some work for him and a slant board. He was moving and didn’t have room for it.

Joan Sanaker on

“Keep Calm And Expect Miracles” came to my life one day when I was hiking an unmarked trail that took me back and forth across a rapid stream in Hawaii. I slipped and fell into the water. It was rushing around me and I was frightened. As I sat in that stream I prayed to live to see my children. Two people appeared from nowhere and led me across the slippery rocks to the shore.I did not get their names. I told them I had to hurry and moved ahead. At the beginning of the trail, after I was reunited with my family, I waited for them to come along. They never showed up. I believed they were angels and that I had experienced a miracle.

Nikki on

A miracle is waking up and choosing joy and gratitude everyday.

Damian on

In the beginning mankind was created at which time God breath into God’s breath into us and we became a living personality or soul. Sometimes when I forget who I am I am reminded that my very breath is the essence of God. The miracle is that with each breath I can exhale FEAR and inhale LOVE. As I pay attention to my breathing I focus my mind, allowing God to imprint His image upon me. The miracle is that as I ask God to imprint His image upon me that it actually happens. That image guides me as to who I want to be, what I want to say and what I am to do though out the day. Oh yes, there are times for a moment when I forget. I call that my 1 minute miracle. I stop and breath and know that the miracle of God is within me.

Sonya on

“God shall be my guide today” (and everyday)
Through many trials and constant seeking of answers, I learned that as I put my trust in the Almighty, everything works out for the better. I knew without a doubt when I experienced an epiphany and yes, a miracle.
Over 30 years ago I remember, like it was yesterday, I threw myself on the floor with my head on the couch and prayed in utter fear and dismay that God would show me the way. I was histerically crying as I felt the evil that was around me. I’m an instant I felt the energy of love enter through my toes and rise up into my legs, then torso then all the way up through my head as if it were lifting me up and the message I heard was , “Look to Me”. I knew it was God and I knew to rely on Him and trust that I would be safe.
I continue to “look up to Him” each and every day as I know I am the child of The King.

Fiona Sutton on

Miracles happen

When my horse died 5 years ago, I was heartbroken because we were exceptionally close and had spent 26 years together. I prayed for a sign that would tell me she was in a good place. For the next two days as I was riding along a bridleway with my daughter and her friend, we spotted the most beautiful sunflower. It was on a short stem (about a foot high), but it had a big head. On the second day we passed it, but when we rode past an hour later it had gone. My dazed brain suddenly kicked into gear. It was 9th March in the UK and temperatures had been -5c the week before. It was not possible. And then I realised it was my sign. This miracle set me on my spiritual path and I have not looked back. I now realise the sunflower was not just to tell me that my horse was in a beautiful place. It was also a call to my soul to turn towards the light. By answering this call, I have been witness to so many miracles and my life has been transformed x

stacey darrell on

Believe in Miracles

stacey darrell on

A couple of days after my dad died I was walking down our country lane with my dog & asking dad for a sign that he was well & happy. I looked down & saw a big elastic band on the floor right in front of me & in the shape of a heart. I was very pleased for a few seconds before logical brain intervened saying, ’ It is an elastic band, it could have fallen there any time’. I called up to the skies saying that my doubts were blocking my belief & I needed something bright & unmissable like the big blue hot air balloon that had passed over a few days earlier.
We walked on another hundred yards & turned past a high hedge & into a field…….there stuck on the hidden side of the hedge was a very large, bright blue balloon.

rev red wolf on

Be The Miracle You Want To See In The World

Joel Isenstadt on

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ ACIM

This phrase perfectly defines how miracles have occurred in my life. Honestly, I can say my entire life has been a miracle. 31 years ago, I tried multiple times to kill myself. The fact that I didn’t succeed is a miracle. Since then my journey has been learning and growing and unblocking myself from the infinite power of God. Miracles happen all the time because I am open to them today. This path has not been easy and I still have my moments today. But they are short lived and just part of the adventure. Shedding dysfunctional beliefs is not an easy task and is often a painful process. I let go of my resentments and unrealistic fears. I forgave others and mostly myself. My focus is no longer on the past and regrets but on the here and now. Today, I am no long relying on drugs to counter depression, anxiety, and low moods. I have a very successful career. I have a wonderful and full life full of family, friends, and love. Back when I was a young man, I had no hope, love and vision for the future. Today I am overflowing with hope and love. God’s Love has blessed me and for this I eternally grateful. I am trusting the process and have so much more to learn, unblock and grow. My daily slogans are Always come from a place of love, and Move on dream big.

Cara on

Expect Miracles!! My family and I went on a trip last year and when I woke up the morning of I paid attention to my thoughts, aligned myself with spirit and just knew the trip was going to be perfect!! Guess What every minute of everyday when perfectly it was the best trip I have ever been on!!!

Clemencia Staffanell on

My entire life is a miracle!!! I am healthy, never sick, I don’t take any medications to feel good and healthy and happy. I am very independent. I live by myself in a condo, I drive my Mazda 3 everyday to my work doing a job that I love. I visit the doctor’s office once a year to please my five children and 10 grandchildren, I am happy because I decided to be happy. I am 76 years young and I look no more than 58!! I expect to live at least 30 more years. I love The Miracle Store. Love to shop online!!!

Renee on

(adding to my other post) I guess I also, “Believe In Miracles”!!!!

Renee on

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ ACIM

I came from a broken home. After having my first child as a single person I was postpartum and completely numb with depression. The hopes and dreams of having an intact family of my own was broken. I felt that I had already let down my newborn child by not bringing him into a world with a “village” as I always intended. It was a humbling time and I had to stop wanting the things I used to hold tight to. Without knowing it yet, I “let go and let God”. I was a clean slate; not looking for love anymore and just focusing on my infant and myself. Then my sister-in-law arranged for me to go to an event to “just get out” but was I really being set-up with her coworker. We started seeing each other with no pressure at all. It was the most perfect timing because 4 months later my mother (my best friend) was diagnosed with stage IV cancer; and passed away a year after that. If I had not allowed my slate to be cleaned (found and removed the barriers) I would not have allowed the relationship to grow with my now husband who has been and continues to be my rock. His family has embraced my 1st child and me from the moment they met us. We have a beautiful second child and a village to raise our family! And my ex has worked relentlessly to diminish me and get custody for 5 1/2 years. I don’t know what state I would be in today, if Rick had not come into my life. He is God’s greatest blessing to me aside from my children!

g. eleonore goulet on

I believe in miracles!
A miracle has happened to me recently. I was handling a big project and all parts fell into place in an effortlessly and timely manner thanks to people who were coming to support me without me having asked them – and I joyfully completed the project with grace and ease. Thank you Beloved Father.

Mary Catherine on

“God shall be my guide today!”
February 22nd 2017, I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. I could not quit vomiting and the excruciating pain at the top of my rib cage and through my spine was feeling like it was coming from my heart. Upon examination, a CT scan, and an MRI, the surgeon told me I had acute pancreatitis and must have my gall bladder removed immediately “to save my life”. I refused, telling him that I would wait and pray that God would heal me. They put me on the maximum dose of Morphine, plus another pain-killer, on demand, with a wide spectrum antibiotics for 13 days, The surgeon then said, “There is nothing more we can do for you, so I am sending you home tomorrow.” I quit the drugs right then and went straight to bed in my daughter’s home the next day, not filling my prescriptions. With prayer and belief in Miracles, I completely recovered. I had 100% Natural food and supplements, instead of 70% and I then saw my own doctor, of 7 years. I asked him how many people at my age of 70 survive a diseased pancreas, which the surgeon described as “greatly enlarged and mushy with inflammation, gall stones, and kidney and liver distress”. I was already almost too weak to stand and was sleeping over 18 hours each day, leading up to this crisis. He spent 10 minutes reading my hospital charts and reports hospital and answered me with, “NONE survive that!” Thank God, not only my “guide” to refuse surgery, but my ‘miraculous healer’, who saved me from death, either way. Another doctor told has since told me that as weak and ill as I was, I would not have survived surgery!

Tim on

Do all things with Love!
I had been feeling excluded at my office, and I was resentful for quite some time. The miracle was a change in perspective that helped me to recognize how I was the one who wasn’t being loving! It’s amazing how deciding to love has opened up many connections for me in the workplace. What was once a miserable place became a joy!

William on

Keep Calm and Expect Miracles.
This is adapted from a motivational slogan for London during The Blitz of WW2.
I kept calm, I asked for and then expected a miracle and affirmed my success. I practiced what I preached. I achieved my goal to cease my alcohol abuse without an intervention, AA, rehab, or 12-step program eight years ago.

dwayne on

“There are two ways to look at life. 1.) that nothing is a miracle or 2.) that everything is a miracle”—Albert Einstein

Kathee on

One day I was walking to the library, looking straight ahead, no one was in sight, I stumbled and was on my way down for a big crash. A very tall, thin women picked me up like a toddler, set me straight, walked away without a word. As I turned to thank her, she was gone!

Richard Pethoud on

Just being alive is a miracle. To be and to see the wonders of our Creator’s creation, WOW, what a miracle. The word itself is a miracle as it is such a simple word and yet covers the entire universe. How can we not be thankful?

Seyn on

I believe in miracles! To be honest i have too many that i have witnessed to single one out. But the bottom line is have faith and let go let god!

Cecilia on

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.
When I was living in Ecuador, my car broke beyond repair. I cried my eyes out thinking I was not going to be able to buy another one (in Ecuador cars are very very expensive). So, I decided to count all my blassings instead of complaining about not having a car.
Two months after this event, my ex husband sent me money to buy a car. I never l, ever expected money from him! It was a miracle!

daniel ng on

thank our good lord for his blessings

Deb on

Gr8ful is the phrase on your site that I resonate with the most. I am grateful that I believe and I am grateful that miracles do happen. Miracles happen everyday in our lives, we just need to recognize them. My latest miracle was receiving finances to put food on the table. Thank you.

Kelly on

Grateful ?❤️? I tell God all the time that I just don’t know how to thank him enough for all the miracles in my life and all those to come!

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