This Inspiring Short Film Will Leave You In Tears – The Miracles Store

No introduction can do this film justice; however, it's definitely one you'll watch again and again over the years.

It's called "The Butterfly Circus" and features a powerful and inspiring person, Nick Vujicic as the main character.

Once you start watching, you won't be able to stop until the end. Before you start though, make sure to grab your box of tissues - this one is a tearjerker!


Sherry on

What an inspiring video! You should make a a movie of all of their stories and how they came to the circus.

Giuseppe Cuzzilla on

We are all free to be who we are destined to be….The Butterfly is a symbol that we are free.
It’s not what happens to you that matters,….
…… It’s what we do about it that does.

Rechilda Schortz on

In theory to live in an environment who would understand you. Because it’s a cruel world.

Sheila on

Wow!!! Powerful message about we are only what we believe. Never let anyone tell you that you are less than who you are. Everyone of us on this earth are magnificent in our own way.

Tammy on

I am so Grateful I had a moment to watch this this am! Loved it! Thank you!!

Tim on

Inspiring and beautiful. I want see all people like this ringmaster does.

Carolyn McCully on

That was the best half hour that I’ve spent today. Thank you.

Diane on

He’s amazing. He’s a reminder to not feel sorry for your self. We have to use what we are given and never lose our dignity. We are all special in our own way. We just have to believe it so we can live it. Great pictures.

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