2018 - "Un" Black Friday Special!

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"To truly feed your spirit, remember this:
The secret to living is giving.
No matter how busy or broke you may be, you have something to offer others.
So many people miss the opportunity to know that their life makes a difference – but it does.
Your life matters.
And if you align yourself to be congruent with the truth that you’re here not just to “get” but to give, then other people will feel your authenticity and they will open up to you." ~ Tony Robbins


The Miracle That Changed Tony Robbins' Life Forever

When Tony was just 11 his family couldn't afford to have food on the table for Thanksgiving. On a day when so many people were celebrating gratitude, they had nothing and were starving.

These financial strains, coupled with life's stresses, left Tony's parents arguing. It was the exact opposite of what everybody else in the world was celebrating.

That's when something MIRACULOUS happened...

"I open the door and there's a tall man there with all this food, saying, "Is your dad here?" It was mindboggling. It was a gift from God as far as I was concerned, and I went and grabbed my father. He didn't respond too well to the idea of charity, even though we were starving...

"But my dad took the food and it changed my life. Before that happened, my father and my family had always said, "Nobody gives a damn about anybody else."

There was so much evidence that people could be so selfish, mean, and harsh — especially when you're struggling financially — oftentimes, that's all you notice in the world. But I couldn't deny that strangers cared ...

And so I thought, "If strangers care about me, I'm caring about strangers."

Fast forward several decades...

Tony has become an advocate for a charity called "Feeding America" (rated over 94% on Charity Navigator).

It creatively and intelligently redistributes unwanted (yet perfectly healthy and edible) food from supermarkets and stores into the hands of the people who need it most in our society.

So What Does This Have To Do With "Un" Black Friday, Anyway?

We actually hadn't even heard of it until yesterday (Thanksgiving in the US).

One of the service/software providers we use shared that instead of participating in the traditional Black Friday deep-discount sales, they wanted to do something different...

They wanted to make a difference.

They wanted to BE the change in the world they wanted to see.

After hearing what they were up to, we realized that it was something perfectly aligned with our values, our mission, and the non-profit "Miracles Now Foundation" that we are planning to create.

Though we can't take credit for thinking up "Un" Black Friday, we're 100% all-in on this special day.

Simply put...

Instead of focusing on what people -get- out of Black Friday, we're inspired by what together we can all GIVE this weekend.

Therefore, for every single product that you order between now and Monday night, we are going to give 5 meals to people in need through Feeding America (94+% rating on Charity Navigator).

Note: We said each product, not order. So if you grab 10 "Do All Things With Love" coffee cups (on sale through Christmas) as holiday gifts for friends and family, we will donate (50) FIFTY meals to people in need!

With Tony's miracle Thanksgiving story held in our minds and hearts, it's clear why he has chosen to advocate for Feeding America.

And with our passion for helping women and children in need, and to bring everyday miracles to people in every walk of life, we feel so grateful to be partnering with you to bring food to the people who need it most right now.

We also want to make this as easy as possible for you to participate, so there's nothing you special you need to do. Just grab your favorite items, a few gifts, and we'll do all the math and make sure that for each item you order we will donate 5 meals through Feeding America.

Thank you for being the miracle you want to see in the world!

With Love,

The Miracles Store Team

P.S. Even though we aren't holding a traditional "Black Friday" sale, if you want to see what is on sale right now (through Christmas), then click here.