(Video) Man Miraculously Forgives The Murderer Who Killed His Older Br – The Miracles Store
This is a beautiful example of forgiveness made real, of doing all things with love, of choosing the kind of world we want to live in.

As I watched the video, it became apparent that there was something powerful going on in that courtroom. As the man read word after word, then shared his experience, I felt something inside me shift a little bit.

Then he hammered the nail in the metaphorical coffin and brought tears to my eyes.

This is a POWERFUL video you will want to watch all the way through.


Julia G Dewey on

To forgive is to touch the divine and have mercy on a suffering soul. It truly is the only way to peace . This man is very kind . I feel terrible when people standup in court for impact statements and scream and yell. To hold hate and anger for another person is to punish yourself for something they did.

Judy Cooper on

I just watched this video on forgiveness and I was touched very deeply. Precious act and so perfectly Healing. God touched all of those in the court room that day and He continues to touch us with the Faith, Courage, Grace and Love of this precious Brother.

Blessing and Gratitude with Abundant Faith!!!!!!

Tamlin on

Forgiveness is a balm for everyone.

John David Doss on

I couldn’t hear this video very good, I didn’t hear everything that was said. All I know is he forgave the man and I could see the reaction of the lady. I Love hearing stories about forgiveness for it is the manifestation of God in the earth.

Jim Fox on

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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