(video) Matthew McConaughey's Best Advice For A Great Life – The Miracles Store
What empowers us to live a great life? What holds us back from living a great life?

Too often we focus on the wrong things, the things that hold us back, the things that limit us...

And in this video, Matthew McConaughey shares some brilliant (and hard-hitting) guidance on exactly what it takes to live our dreams.

Watch. Listen. Take this to heart. Your future self will thank you for it!


nahid on

sorry as usual I couldnot open the video because less energy acircle turned round and round nothing else I wish I can open it later To your success nahid

Yavuz on

Yes.Iagree wıth Mr.Mc Conaughey.His is avery inspiring video .Inspiring people to own their lives amnd be at least their own captain without sacrificing respecful cooperatıon to the benefit of all sides.

Deb on

Matthew, Thank for bringing the masculine of spirituality without overpowering the feminine.

June on

Great message! So appropriate in our time. So many of us our searching for a positive message that is wise and insightful !

Ms. Sarah Davis on

I really enjoyed this video. My spirit truly agrees to what you are saying.Continue to shine and share your light.
Peace and Love Always.

Sharon on

Thank You Matthew McConaughey!!!! Yes, you are right, everything you said is true. Thank You Again for your wonderful inspiration.

Lise on

Your voice is commanding and clear, do perfect to transmit this direct message in a clear and concise manner. You shot the arrow and hit the bullseye 🎯. This message is very welcomed into my life, Thankyou. 💖

Gertha on

Great message thanks

AmandaDiane on

Absolutely – Matthew!!! Very inspiring – very practical, sensible – Must Do! Thank You!

Mary on

I love Mathew, this was an extraordinary video of The Best Advice For A Great Life. Thank you Mathew!

Vashist on

Wow, i saw the name matthew mccaunoghey from the movie dark tower which I nearly watched today. The name clicked. Now I am checking my mail and I saw him again. Don’t regret taking the time to listen to it. The message is special, very special for me…thank you

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