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In this video, Marianne Williamson personally speaks her famous "Our deepest fear" quote.

It's one thing to read this quote, as we have many times. It's an amazing thing to hear her speak it with her Truth, her Love, and her Light!

Enjoy this enlightening video...

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Here's the text from "A Return to Love:"
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.' We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
This quote is often incorrectly attributed to Nelson Mandela. However, according to the Nelson Mandela Foundation, he has never spoken these words.


Jay C. Burns on

All of these comments resonated positive vibrations of love within my heart, and mind. I’m sincerely appreciative of the words Marianne Williams shared with the world. Thank You For The Gift of Love., Prof. Jay C. Burns Jazz Vocalist/Author/Composer/

Cari Anderson on

We keep creating more and more distractions for ourselves that confuse and clutter up our minds.
The truth is simple.
I read Pure Energy’s comment through twice.
Now I will seek out and read the works suggested.
Thank you Pure Energy.
I’m picking up good vibrations!

Daniel Cooke on

With all my heart I thank you for this gift I have been figuring out my life for about a year now after thinking I had experienced my darkest hours but now knowing as my defining moment that I was led to the start of my journey we’re I unleash the shackles of negativity started to tune into reality we’re I woke myself up from a controlled society and the things I worked out are breathtaking but I soon became customer to my new journey . I cried out in my darkest hour that I needed god or my recently departed magnificent mum or whoever could hear me and my wish was granted but I didn’t know at first and was still thinking of ending my life which crushed me with fear at the thought but after a month I could see how instantly I had been saved . I am catholic and taught about the bible God Jesus and the rest of the catholic religion but I was not the best of teenagers I always believed there was a god and Jesus when I needed them in tricky moments but that was it I never prayed but boy what I worked out with infinite wisdom brought forth from within me blew my socks off and after a period of about 3-4 month confirmation on everything I worked out kept on arriving to me everyday in every way from some of the greatest thinkers like tesler,Einstein, newton , and I could see how these positive ways were shown to us throughout time I thought I was the cleverest man there had ever been ,something happened to me shortly after my darkest hour about 3-4 days when I could not stop being grateful for everything I had like my beautiful wife and my little girl of 5 who is the reason that I be ,that I breathe in the air both of them was why I was existing ,my mission to become a joy to live with for them to love me rather than put up with me ,anyway long story shortened I had this dream but it wasn’t I had been lifted to the cosmos to god my mum our creator the universe which looked like a small dense ball like a source of energy also the two different state beings of me positive &negative both needed but only one existed really the negative was there but it wasn’t it didn’t exist it was overpowering as wisdom of all things penetrated me in beams of energy with such a wondrous feeling, of a greater magnitude of love ,in a state of ecstasy and harmony there were no sound only silence on the outside as they just smiled as life unfolded inside me the next thing I knew I was in a room that’s when I met Jesus in every disguise I chose first he was dressed as the Lone Ranger which I watched as a kid then buck Rogers then he talked of all that is but I couldn’t see his face then we was nose to nose has his face changed hundreds of times until I recognised him as the lord from the bible the picture I had of him in my mind his wisdom was of greatness as more and more and more information from infinite source was being brought forth from within myself I had the wisdom inside me I have since learned as my inner being but the biggest buzz of all came as Jesus turned to look at me and it was me it was I a mirrored image then it was god then the universe until I grasped that I was creator and I was creating my own experience but I felt I was needed somewhere by society to help in some way but people would think I’m mental or they would think I a against religious belief s but the bible puts the fear of god into you it’s not true there is know judgement day no devil nothing bad whatsoever will happen when we move on ,hell is we’re we live until the doors from our kingdom of heaven within us are opened that’s as bad as it gets he’ll to me now is the negative state we’re we fear all bad things in life we’re all bad things have manifested through masses of beings taught about all negative things as they grow into an adult it becomes ur life and we enter a sort of hypnosis it’s what I call control from the powers that be like the English language we learn and the pictures we see in our mind from words were taught for instance if swear words were bad no one would have given them to us if your not meant to speak then why was they given to us …… wow I forgot what I am suppose to doing just realised I was only going to say a thank you and offer my heart felt gratitude sorry and thank you once again wow is that the time it felt like seconds oh yeah there is no such thing as time living eternally as for ever will ever be 🥂💗🙏🏻

Dale on


Yhanni on

It took 14 billions years for the conscience to be aware of itself, the thought process is a miracle on its own. Let’s not waste it fearing or holding back. Life is precious, live it passionately, not in fear!


Abdul Hameed on

Hi there what a wenderful and great video is that??!! 👏👏🌹🌹❤️❤️👌👍 I like it thank so much from my heart , my sweete heart.
God Bless you.

Laurence on

Marianne’s words “Our Deepest Fear” for me resinate with a quotation from Christopher Columbus.
“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to leave the shore”

Theresa on

Thank you for sharing,I found this to be very enlightening, because it made me think.

Elizabeth on

Pure Energy, April 23, 2017. You are quite correct aboutPhysics, God, Love & Light. You too, know, don’t you? Really enjoyed reading your article. Have you had a mystical/transformative experience?

Adrienne on

Powerful !

Kevin on

I knew you would appear. Apparent and so clear. I knew that I would know, in that I am, so now you show.

TheLoving on

These are what I have started to figure out very recently! So true, Thanks

Francesca Czarnecki on

thank-you ! so magnificent Marrianne-love francesca

Pure Energy on

Our deepest fear is pain and then death—AND the belief that there is nothing after that. The faster vibrating parts of us that are constantly creating these bodies DOES know that we are brilliant, powerful beings; but we, as the slower vibrating parts are pushing this knowledge down. We are here to experience for God this particular reality. It’s just that God did not expect that love would become so dense—so dense that God would be forgotten as the love that is actually vibrating AS everything and everybody.
I wish that Marianne Williamson would read quantum physics. If she knew that we are magically bursting forth as quarks which spin billions of times a second as 3 points of light each, then she would know that we do not fear the light. Light is love is God. This light/love/God is what we ARE literally. Each of our atoms is vibrating, spinning, rotating and oscillating as light/love/God. Each quark spins as 3 points of light/love to form a proton. Another quark spins as 3 points of light/love to form a neutron. Then there is the one point of light/love called an electron. Each atom spins as 7 points of light/love/God. People are 100% spinning, rotating, oscillating and vibrating as eternal light/love/God.
Protons have a positive charge. Electrons have a negative charge. Neutrons are neutral. We are like literal batteries, pulling energy/love through us and then it flows out in a constant flow. This is how we are balanced electromagnetic energy/love/light/God beings—innocent children of God.
This society/world has held this info down in a really big way. This info is quantum physics. Read the book “The Quantum World” by Ford. And read “Hands of Light” written by Barbara Brennan. These people are physicists. Read the works of Heisenberg. He won a Nobel prize for his work with waves. Einstein said that E=mcsquared. Frequencies are bunched up waves. Waves travel at the speed of light. Waves are consciousness or we would not be conscious. Waves are full of love or we would not be full of love.
Our ideas to be here bunch these waves into what are called frequencies. Frequencies are what is called solidity. As you can see, these waves must be God’s brain waves. That makes all frequencies God’s brain waves. God is vibrating, spinning and oscillating within everything. Therefore, everything has meaning. Everything and everybody is vibrating as God. We are all saturated within the body of God literally. AND, since we are, this is how the Kingdom of God is within us, this is how we are powerful, magical eternal beings of energy and light, love and God.
The most important words in the bible are that we come from the light and that we are the light and the Kingdom of God is within us. Physics backs this up and always has.
People just don’t want to believe it. This must sound just too amazing. In fact, the concept of oneness is based on physics. Oneness is called an eastern concept, but it is actually physics. There is no particle/wave duality. Frequencies are waves. Waves are frequencies. They are ONE energy, one mind, one God. Waves are Consciousness. Frequencies are ideas that bunch up these waves into what is called solidity. Heisenberg calls these ideas observation. Who is doing the observing? And how do we observe from here and then cause God’s brain waves to bunch up into what we are? The answer is that we exist as energy/light/love beings BEFORE popping into these bodies, or becoming ONE with these bodies, which are not solid. This is very complicated.
I felt many energy beings in my childhood, and since, around me. I have heard them loudly. I have felt energy/love flow through me and into me and out of me. This is possible because I have extended my awareness into another frequency band where all this energy/love/God vibrates even faster. I have read that this is the 5th dimension or frequency band.
You see, the paranormal and the occult and all those other labels that people say are wrong are actually God’s body. God consists of an unlimited amount of frequency bands or dimensions or realities. Physics says that this energy forms like a grid or matrix or net. Waves of energy cross each other forming intersections, what some physicists call quantum entanglement. Not all physicists think the same way or use the same words. But I have read that the cross that churches use and that supposedly Jesus was on are metaphors for this crossing of energy, where energy/God’s consciousness meets. But where do the waves in the ocean meet? Is not an ocean an example of ONEness itself?
People consist of many frequency bands which cross and vibrate within each other. The NASA physicist Brennan says that we are pulsating as 12 frequency bands that vibrate within each other. These bands vibrate at different speeds as energy, each creating a new holographic form/image. It is the speed and amp of energy that causes anything to “look” different. The speed and amps of energy are controlled by ideas. We are literally brilliant beings of energy and light and love—all that God is—that know how to create these bodies from God’s brain waves.
We are literally perfect images of God because God’s body is a holodeck. When God thinks, images are formed. We are these images. That makes us holograms. Being aware of ourselves as holographic images saturated within God’s holographic body causes us to want to create like our Mother and Father God. To create, our ideas resonate God’s waves into frequencies. Wha la—then you have this reality—full of God’s body in the form of energy images. These energy images called people have forgotten this totally, so they call these energy images solid. That is why solidity is an illusion, just like time and space and evolution and death. Just like electricity, we do not age.
Super important words from the bible—your belief will heal you. Belief is a set of ideas which bunch God’s brain waves into what are called frequencies—which people here call solidity. Belief resonates through God’s brain waves as ideas, bunching up these waves into what these bodies are, which are images.
I have also been brainwashed by this society’s beliefs in solidity and death and germs—none of these being true. But I have been super stressed out, too, so I had to find books to change that. My favorite books say that when I am stressed out causing my energy to vibrate other than perfection, the next step is to tell myself again that I am resonating as all that God is, I am perfect, I am feeling well, and I am an eternal energy being vibrating as energy, light and love. When I tell myself these images, my painful symptoms goes away. To me that means my frequencies pulsate according to perfect patterns again—the same patterns spinning as the eternal perfect me. The only reason that I would not vibrate perfectly again is if I am forgetting that I am perfect love. Try writing your name as “Perfect Love” or “Pure Energy” to open a Facebook account. I have been rejected every time. That is discrimination. Facebook literally discriminates against quantum physics.
So writing is my method to remember that I am perfect vibrating light/love energy, pulsating within this frequency band with the purpose to experience as much joy as I can. To shine and not shrink, to liberate others from fears of pain and death.

Pure Energy on

I have read words like these for around 35 years earth time. Yet when I tell people what has made me feel powerful and eternal, I am rejected. I know that we are literally magically pulsating, spinning, rotating and bursting forth as energy, love and light. This has been quantum physics for a long time. But nobody knows quantum physics. So it is people with romantic words that are listened to.

Edit on

Brought tears. SO TRUE! Thank you!!!

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Brought tears. SO TRUE! Thank you!!!

Maureen Moeller on

I still remember those words Marianne said long ago. Your playing small does not serve the world. Powerful responsibility for all of us to shine…thanks Chris.

Robyn Sedgwick on

This is such an inspiring version of this wonderful truth. My hope is that more of us can take this on and embody it this year. Thank you for sharing.

Sandy on

I always remember the first time I heard it and it was the truest thing I have ever heard. It was amazing. I am still unable to conquer my biggest fear to see where I can get to but will die trying. Thankyou it’s still on my mirror all these years larer

Gayle on

So comforting . I have memorized this and often say it to myself before I fall asleep. It gives me positive thoughts into my subconscious mind and gives me peace before I fall into a deep sleep.

ELana on

I get all re-fired up every time I hear this. Thanks and blessings for the highest vibration to shine our light.

Diane on

To say and to do is two different things

Patricia on

Make this a year without being bound by our own fears

sherry on

for the girls

Patricia on

Thank you so much for sharing this—-the Light that shines from within—IS so powerful. For some of us it is hard not to “cover” that light—so we don’t shine so much—we’re shy, insecure, thinking we are undeserving us such a privilidge. We ALL need to be reminded of this God given gift!

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