A while back my mom sent me an email with an inspiring story and some cartoon pictures. I was really touched by it, and now somebody else has taken that story and filmed it into a beautifully touching and powerful movie called "The Power of Words."

It's only two minutes... yet it's two minutes that could change your entire day, your week, maybe even your life (if you'll let it).

More importantly than that, this motivational video could empower you to change somebody else's day, maybe their week, or maybe even their entire life. This video really enlightens us to just how powerful the words are that we share with others.

Every single person on this planet has gifts and wisdom that will help others. You personally have the "Power of Words" inside of yourself and every time you give somebody advice, share your story, forward one of these videos or stories I send you, or help them see things from a new perspective... you are simultaneously expressing that power and helping other people discover that power within themselves.

Thank you for being you!

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Brenda Schwieger on

WOW! Such a simple truth, yet so profound.

james swatman on

Thanks for sharing this video
It is about changing my view that allows me to change my story.
“Today is a beautiful day because you you have allowed me into your Life”

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