(Video) Transform Your Rain Into Rainbows - Welcome The Rain – The Miracles Store
This inspiring video helps us understand that we are in control of the way we think about and respond to life's events – in both in our personal and professional lives.

Whether you're dealing with life's daily ups and downs, or are weathering stronger storms, this motivational movie will encourage you to choose to see beyond life's storms...

So that you can turn your "Rain" into rainbows and find lasting fulfillment and success in your life.


Carol Bergstrom on

I am sorry may be good but.not able to read to small and to fast to see


Beautiful, thank you!

Sheila Murrey on

Simply profound. Beautiful music too! Love this! I am feeling the freedom of its message. OM

Gregory byron on

I love it wonderful touch my life it so nice to welcome the rain we need to welcome every good thing in hour life

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