You'll want to watch this video with Wayne Dyer of you've ever...
  • Heard the quote, "When the change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" and wondered what that even means...
  • Lost your car keys and found yourself looking in "all the wrong places"
  • Wondered about what Albert Einstein considers to be the most major and fundamental decision you HAVE to make about your life
  • Been curious about how to change your point of view
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Ari Stefánsson on

The human species is shaped by the environment, yet it has the power to change the environment.

Crona Airgid on

Thank you Chris for spreading your positive energy and light and those of others also.

LaVern Olberding on

I thank you for the Wayne treat. His words are always very wise and pertinent.
I need to go look inside for the solution to my situation. Thank you, Chris.

Lenni Cunningham on

No one was (is) like Wayne. He was so inspirational. I wish someone would continue in the spirit of Wayne, such as doing PSB specials. I miss him very much.

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