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Wayne Dyer - Change Your Point Of View

You'll want to watch this video with Wayne Dyer of you've ever...
  • Heard the quote, "When the change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" and wondered what that even means...
  • Lost your car keys and found yourself looking in "all the wrong places"
  • Wondered about what Albert Einstein considers to be the most major and fundamental decision you HAVE to make about your life
  • Been curious about how to change your point of view
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  • Ari Stefánsson on

    The human species is shaped by the environment, yet it has the power to change the environment.

  • Crona Airgid on

    Thank you Chris for spreading your positive energy and light and those of others also.

  • LaVern Olberding on

    I thank you for the Wayne treat. His words are always very wise and pertinent.
    I need to go look inside for the solution to my situation. Thank you, Chris.

  • Lenni Cunningham on

    No one was (is) like Wayne. He was so inspirational. I wish someone would continue in the spirit of Wayne, such as doing PSB specials. I miss him very much.

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