Blessed Clothing

The Miracles Store brings you blessed t-shirts, blessed hoodies, blessed mugs, and more. Add one of our blessed products to your cart and you'll be making others feel blessed "on the regular."  But our blessed products are not just about the blessed merchandise. There's nothing "regular" about it. It's about a different price, the regular price of participation in the world. To feel blessed is to lower that cost. Let us explain.

For many people, the regular price of life is not blessed, but negative and unhappy. They don't feel as blessed as they should, or as blessed as they can be. Their "spiritual cost of living" is too high. Their regular price of living is not just negative. It's painful. That has to change if they're to feel more blessed. That is something you can affect. The price of life doesn't have to weigh you down. Through positive energy, we can make it better for everyone.

You can make people around you feel more blessed, changing their "regular price." You can make them feel like the cost of participation in human existence is a blessed one. Our blessed t-shirts, our blessed mugs, our blessed hoodies... they bear messages of positivity that change that regular price and make others feel blessed. If you had the power to make those around you feel more blessed, wouldn't you do it? Wouldn't you want to feel more blessed yourself?

The Blessed Miracles Of The World

Sure, we sell blessed t-shirts, blessed hoodies, blessed mugs, and other merchandise at a regular price that is affordable... But if price was your only concern, you could find a great regular price elsewhere. We're on a mission to help others feel blessed, to remember that miracles are everywhere. We are all blessed,. You can bring regular miracles (improving others' lives) to those around you by helping to inspire them.  Change their lives through positivity and change their outlook! Improve others' lives and you improve your own, feeling more blessed yourself!

People who feel more blessed are happier. People who find the regular price of life more bearable feel blessed. Thus, when you improve life for the people around you, you make more people feel blessed, changing their outlook. That's a miracle!

The cost of being connected in this crazy world is that it takes a toll on us. It can be very easy to feel overwhelmed on a regular basis. But if you remember that you are blessed, that the world is a place of miracles, and that there is good news all around us "on the regular," then you too can feel better "on the regular." 

Make Somebody Smile With Positive Energy (And One Of Our T-Shirts)

Price our blessed t-shirts, blessed hoodies, and blessed mugs. Compare the regular price. When you buy one of our items... when you add one of our inspirational products to your cart... then you're bringing the cost of living in our crazy, stressed out world down as you share joy and inspiration with those around you. You're giving your sponsorship to happiness. And you're doing what you can for adults, for kids... for anyone who wants to feel blessed.

Miracles are everywhere. Buy one of our mugs (at the regular price or on sale) and have a sip of tea, coffee, or your other favorite beverage from it. Wear one of our inspirational t-shirts and bring smiles to everyone who sees you. Add one of our hoodies with a positive, inspirational message on it to your shopping cart. All our products fill the world around you with positive energy, with love and caring, with the spirit of miracles.

What is a blessed miracle, after all? It's a demonstration that the cost of participation in this crazy world of ours doesn't have to be stress, unhappiness, and strife. Every person blessed by your positive energy will help others feel blessed, too!

Our Regular Prices (and Our Sale Prices) Will Make You Feel Blessed

Have you ever thought about why people put such a high price on the phrase, "the pursuit of happiness?" The regular price of day-to-day life is so negative and angry for so many people... and it doesn't have to be that way! You can help other people around you to lead a more blessed existence, to have a more blessed experience. Our products can help you do that. Our t-shirts, hoodies, mugs... they're all part of a regular line of inspirational items intended to sell at a reasonable price, sure. But that's to make sure as many people can get their hands on them as possible.

If the price of feeling blessed, If the cost of human existence, is positivity, that means dispelling negativity and unhappiness. To feel blessed, to feel you’re down to your soul that your life has gotten better, you need positive change. That feeling of blessed change, that improvement, is what The Miracles Store does. 

And remember, when you buy one of our t-shirts at the regular price or at the sale price, you're lending your blessed sponsorship to the Miracles Now Foundation (soon to file for 501c3 status). 

You're helping adults and kids alike feel blessed. Whether it's a blessed inspirational tee, a blessed positive-vibes hoodie, or a blessed mug that sends just the right blessed message (do you feel blessed yet?), you're helping to brighten the world around you, to make everyone you meet feel blessed with positive energy. That's a positive change in the world that we can all support!

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