You Matter Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Nothing brings a smile to another person's face quite like a "You Matter" sweatshirt or hoodie from The Miracles Store. If your hoodie doesn't make you happy, why not? Your hoodie or sweatshirt, whether it's embroidered or not, whether it's basic gray and normal size, or oversize (from XL on upward), is a matter of personal taste and preference. But it matters how your hoodie makes you feel, and if it doesn't bring a smile to your face, it's time to make a change.


About The Miracles Store Hoodie and Sweatshirt Collection

The Miracles Store brings you blessed sweatshirts and hoodies among the rest of our upbeat merchandise. Through positive energy, we can make the world better for everyone.  Every hoodie and sweatshirt sold by The Miracles Store is intended to bring positive vibes to the person wearing it. 


But your hoodie is not just sold to you for you alone. The message it brings helps other people, too. Your hoodie is like a little billboard that tells people what's on your mind (at least if it has a message embroidered or silk-screened on it). If the hoodie sweatshirts sold by other stores don't lift your spirits, it's time to give The Miracles Store a try.


At The Miracles Store, we aren't just hoping to make your day brighter. Yes, we want your hoodie or sweatshirt (or tee shirt, or anything else you get from us) to make you happy and help you express your inner positivity. There isn't enough positivity in the world. Too few people truly believe in miracles. Well, every hoodie or sweatshirt sold by The Miracles Store aims to make a change where that's concerned.


Hoodies And Sweatshirts With Beautiful, Inspiring Messages

Why does the message on your hoodie matter? It matters because people will see it. Every step you take into the world is a chance to project your message to everyone you encounter. If your sweatshirt or hoodie has no message, or if it bears a cynical, negative message, that's not going to brighten anyone's day... is it? But every hoodie and sweatshirt sold by The Miracles Store is sold with the belief that it CAN make a difference in the world around you.


Wear any of our hoodie sweatshirts, or any other item sold by The Miracles Store, with pride and compassion... because it matters how you affect the people around you. It matters if you show them positivity and upbeat good vibes. It matters if you can lift their spirits and help encourage them as they go through their lives. All of this matters... because people matter. In fact, almost nothing matters more than how we treat the people around us, and whether we can bring a smile to their faces at the end of the day.


Miracles Can Happen (And Our Hoodie Sweatshirts Say So)

Every hoodie and sweatshirt sold by The Miracles Store has a mission: to bring positive energy into the world. Can you brighten someone's day with one of our hoodie sweatshirts? You absolutely can! Imagine having a terrible day, feeling like the world is against you, and generally just feeling miserable. Then someone gives you a smile and a hug and shares a positive message with you through their hoodie sweatshirt (or any of the positivity products sold by The Miracles Store). How much would that matter to you?


Feeling supported matters to a great many people. Feeling loved, feeling like they can accomplish their goals... all this matters to people, too. If you could help them by wearing a hoodie sweatshirt, or a tee shirt, or carrying a mug with a positive message on it, wouldn't you do it? That's why we think every item sold by our store matters. Every hoodie sweatshirt, from basic grey and every size from small to XL and beyond, matters. What we do matters as well.


Help Us And Make Others Feel Like They Matter

When you buy one of our hoodie sweatshirts or other items of clothing, your sponsorship is behind every item sold. This goes to benefit the Miracles Now Foundation (soon to file for 501c3 status). You're helping adults and kids alike each time one of these items is sold. Whether it's an inspirational tee, a blessed positive-vibes hoodie, or a blessed mug that sends just the right message, every item sold by The Miracles Store (including every hoodie) helps other people. 


That's right: Just by taking home one of the hoodie sweatshirts sold by The Miracles Store, you can do more than just wear the clothing we've sold you. You can help others. Every item sold helps the Miracle Now Foundation. Every hoodie, every sweatshirt, every tee, every mug... it all matters, and it all helps. Do your part to make the world a better place... and get a great hoodie sweatshirt or other items from The Miracles Store today.
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