(Hawaii) You Earned 10 Entries!

Congratulations! You've just earned 10 contest entries because you pre-registered for the upcoming Miracles Store Hawaii Holiday Giveaway.

You also scored a $15 store credit! Just add $50 worth of mugs to your shopping and use this coupon code when you checkout: fifteenfifty2019

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In case you missed my email from last week announcing the contest, here's what I shared...

I'm doing something really over-the-top crazy and insane!

To celebrate the Grand Re-Opening of "The Miracles Store" I'll be giving away 6 days / 5 nights hotel accommodations in Hawaii for one lucky person in our community.

And if Hawaii isn't your thing - I could swing you into Las Vegas, Orlando, Spain, or even Bali. :)

Here's why...

I've always known that we can change our life one of two ways:

  1. From the inside-out, through online courses, meditation, hypnosis, and other healing modalities
  2. From the outside in, by changing the environment we see on a regular basis.

I've spent a decade serving you through #1.

Still, for several years, it's been a dream of mine to create products that, just by wearing them, made our world a better place.

I dreamed of a world where we could wear an inspiring shirt or hoodie, and simply by existing, make somebody else's day brighter... help them smile or take a deep breath.

I dreamed of a world where bumper stickers with positive messages outnumbered all other kinds of messages combined.

I believe that world is possible.

That's why The Miracles Store was created.

The thing is...

I started creating this dream through The Miracles Store 3 years ago and it's floundered.

I never understood why.

Recently, I hit the wall of futility.

I realized that either I had to get expert coaching, or watch the beautiful store wither and die.

I wasn't willing to let it die, so instead I found a mentoring program and I've been working feverishly (literally day & night) for the last five weeks to re-create it from the ground up.

I'm re-envisioning what it is. I'm taking very seriously the mission and possibility for how it can serve our world in a much bigger way.

In order to use The Miracles Store as the true force for good that it can be, I need your help to give it a "jumpstart."

This is where you come in...

And how you can win!

Starting THIS WEEK I'm going to be sending you several emails about The Miracles Store.

There will be surprise discounts, ways to win more contest entries, and more.

My hope is that you will buy coffee mugs and other items from The Miracles Store (especially to give away for Christmas & holiday gifts!).

My hope is that you'll share The Miracles Store with your friends, family, and people you think would love to be part of this Miracle Messenger movement.

I believe that together we will change the world.

And to make that happen, during the biggest shopping time of the year (Black Friday through Cyber Monday), I thought we would make this a FUN adventure for all of us.

That's why EVERY CONTEST EMAIL will have a GREEN BUTTON (like the one you clicked on to visit this page) for you to gain bonus entries.

All you have to do is click the green contest button in each of those emails. For each email that you receive & click the green button - you'll get bonus entries into the contest.

And even though there's no purchase required...

Every purchase you make during the contest, (starting today - now that you're pre-registered) will earn you bonus entries. :)

I'll share the exact details on Tuesday about how you can win.

Because you're now pre-registered, you'll also get exclusive opportunities for bonus points AND better discounts than people who are not pre-registered. :)

With Love,

P.S. If for some reason you don't want to receive the contest & promo emails for "The Miracles Store" next week - just click the Manage Your Subscription link at the bottom of any email I send. There's an option where you can unsubscribe from the contest / Black Friday emails, and you can still still receive any other emails from me that you've signed up for.