Congratulations - You Won Complimentary Hotel Accommodations

Congratulations on winning complimentary hotel accommodations in!

To claim your prize, please contact us at with the email address you used to enter the contest.

Once we verify your email address and your win, we'll hook you up with your prize claim voucher.

You can read the FAQ and exact terms & conditions here.

In case you're wondering what those T&C are, here's a summary of the important ones from the above link:

  • You will need to pay the room & local taxes up-front to our partner travel agency so that you can claim your prize.

  • Then, you'll have 18 months to finalize your hotel location & book travel dates.

  • If you choose a hotel that has a resort fee, then when you checkin you will be responsible for that resort fee. Not all hotels have resort fees.

  • You must live at least 100 miles away from the location. (In other words, not valid for locals. If this applies to you, please contact us so we can transfer your win to some other fantastic location such as Las Vegas, Orlando, Hawaii, or Bali)

  • And our lawyers have been VERY adamant that we must clearly state – no purchase is necessary to win. So yes, even though you won this awesome hotel travel voucher, you are under no obligation to purchase anything from The Miracles Store nor from our partner travel agency.

(Secretly though, we really hope you'll snap an awesome selfie of you wearing one of our shirts in front of the Hawaiian sunset).

Congrats again, and thank you for believing in miracles and being part of our Miracle Messenger movement!