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Buddha Green Aventurine Bracelet

Buddha Green Aventurine Bracelet

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Green aventurine may very well be one of the least understood yet most powerful crystals. It is known by crystal experts for helping you...
  • Stay energized and motivated -- while helping to hold your inner balance, relaxation, and calm.
  • Find your balance quickly after frustration, so that you can reduce stress and tension
  • Embrac change while staying optimistic
  • Maximize creativity and enhance enthusiasm
  • Overcome life's obstacles
  • Attract "later in life" love partners

It actually has been used for centuries for many more purposes as well. That's just a quick taste of how it might support you in your daily life.

To help bring greater depth, balance, and integration into your life...

The centerpiece is a Tibetan silver-plated zinc alloy Buddha: An ever Present reminder of your commitment to the journey and adventure of self growth.

Note: This item is currently limited in stock.


  • Size: 19mm stretchy, 23g
  • 18 green aventurine 8mm round crystals
  • Tibetan silver-plated zinc alloy Buddha (lead-free, cadmium-free) flanked by Austrian crystals