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Sri Yantra - Divine Masculine & Feminine Integration Pendant

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Born of the Hindu tradition, the Sri Yantra symbol represents the center of all creation -- the highest, invisible center at the heart of the cosmos. Yantra literally translates to a "device" for our spiritual growth and embodies philosophical knowledge.
As such, people often find it a source of inspiration for creating what they want in their lives as well as letting go of what they don't want. To some, it is a profound symbol of divine wealth.

Representing the Center of the Universe, the Source, is a dot at the center of the Sri Yantra. This dot represents the oneness from which we create everything in our lives.

The nine triangles serve to create balance and synergy with the masculine and feminine creative forces in our universe. Typically thought of as the Divine Masculine, the potential creative energy of the Universe is represented by four triangles that point upwards. Pointing downwards, the five triangles symbolizing the Divine Feminine represent that which has been created.

Together, this merging of Divine Masculine and Feminine represents the world we create as well as the source from which we create. It is the sacredness that is woven into every moment of our existence, including the spiritual integration of our mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Wear this necklace daily or keep it nearby to look at when you want spiritual support. Either way, its presence in your life will help you create more of the beautiful life you deserve.

The pendant is 31mm and is made of zinc alloy.