"Blessed" Coffee Mugs

Why Blessed Coffee Mugs?

Do you want a way to make positivity a part of your morning routine? Ever wonder why some people seem to always have a smile on their faces even when times are tough? By beginning your morning with this simple yet powerful message, it sets the day up for the rest of your day to be full of blessings and beauty. Here at The Miracles Store, we created multple "Blessed" coffee mug styles so that you can pick and choose your favorite design.

Perfect Gifts For Friends and Family

Everybody wins when we remember how amazing our lives truly are. When you go to church, people will feel happy just by looking at your new Blessed coffee cup. They'll probably even want one for themselves. So after you grab one for yourself, get a few extras for the people in your life who matter most. Sometimes the perfect message, at the perfect time, will remind a person of their blessings and good fortune.

We also know that gifts are only great if the people who receive them... love them. For that reason, we give you a 60 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. We are so confident that your friends and family will love their new Blessed coffee cup, that if they don't, we'll take it back and even pay the return shipping.

10% Of Profits Go To Women & Children

We are passionate about helping women and children rise up from domestic violence. That's why we are grateful to donate 10% of profits to existing non-profits who support those in need.

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