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Author of "You Can Heal Your Life" and founder of Hay House, Louise Hay was an inspiration for millions of people across the globe. She believed in using affirmations to create our future and heal our lives, and proved it in her own life by healing cancer in just six months. To help you maintain a positive mindset, we've compiled a list of 36 powerful affirmations that she's gifted us with. Read the list. Find your favorite. Then repeat it...
In this inspiring speech (in collaboration with GoalCast), Kelli Davis shares inspiring stories about rule-breaking children who have become living miracles. These are the kids who show us that no matter how dark life gets, there is light and there is life. We need only look around and keep hoping, dreaming, and believing. Watch this. Try not to get tears in your eyes. Then share it with people you know could use a miracle right now... Believe In Miracles
The term ‘miracle’ is often used today to talk about a variety of things: a piece of good luck when a lost item turns up, an unexpected cure to a terminal illness, or an unlikely win for a sports team. However, miracles in their original sense are monumental occurrences which justifiably take their place in the records of history. We can read about examples of miracles in the texts and holy writings of almost all of the major world religions,...
If you're ever feeling down or in a funk... Then definitely try this SUPER easy and fast way to shake it off from Kristen Hayes of Love Shout Out! (Bonus: it'll even make people like you MORE) "Light Shall Be My Guide Today"
The question has come up many times... Why was The Miracles Store created? What's the inspiration? What is its purpose and mission? Does it support any charitable causes? In this short 30-minute interview, Days of Zen creator Tim Hall interview Chris Cade and gets to the root of all of those questions (and a little bit more). Enjoy!  
No introduction can do this film justice; however, it's definitely one you'll watch again and again over the years. It's called "The Butterfly Circus" and features a powerful and inspiring person, Nick Vujicic as the main character. Once you start watching, you won't be able to stop until the end. Before you start though, make sure to grab your box of tissues - this one is a tearjerker!
What empowers us to live a great life? What holds us back from living a great life? Too often we focus on the wrong things, the things that hold us back, the things that limit us... And in this video, Matthew McConaughey shares some brilliant (and hard-hitting) guidance on exactly what it takes to live our dreams. Watch. Listen. Take this to heart. Your future self will thank you for it!