10 Course In Miracles Quotes For Guidance: Forgive, Love, Heal

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In the more than forty years since A Course In Miracles was first published, students and teachers from around the world have found solace in its teachings.

A Course In Miracles ACIM - Volume 3 - Blue Book

These 10 quotes are ones that our community has voted among its favorites.

So much so, that they requested we create coffee mugs with ACIM quotes to help teachers and students focus on the teachings and live them more fully.

Pick one quote each morning that speaks to you. Reflect on what it means and how you can bring it into your life.

Then throughout the day, remember the teaching and how you want it to change your life.

10 ACIM Quotes To Meditate On Each Day

#1: "Nothing Real Can Be Threatened, Nothing Unreal Exists. Herein Lies The Peace Of God"

#2: "God's Will For Me Is Perfect Happiness"

#3: "Forgiveness Is The Key To Happiness"

#4: "Light Shall Be My Guide Today"

#5: "God Is In Everything I See"

#6: "A Miracle Is A Shift In Perception From Fear To Love"

#7: "I Am Determined To See Things Differently"

#8: "Light, Joy, And Peace Abide In Me"

#9: "Teach Only Love For That Is What You Are"

#10 "Ego Seeks To Divide And Separate. Spirit Seeks To Unify And Heal"

"Ego Seeks To Divide And Separate. Spirit Seeks To Unify and Heal."