Winners Of Our First Miracles Contest!

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Recently, we held our very first Miracles Store contest and wanted to make it interesting...

So we asked our community to share a miracle that they were grateful for.

With over 70 entries to choose from, it could have been a tough choice. There were many beautiful and inspiring stories.

Fortunately, we had already decided to choose winners randomly - that way anybody and everybody would have a chance to win!

And without further ado, here are the 3 entries from our winners:

Adriann White: "A Grateful Heart is a Miracle Magnet!"

About 17 years ago, I went through a devastating series of events: the 2 grandparents who’d raised me both died, my marriage fell apart, I got laid off from a 23-year career, and I fell and broke my leg.
After listening to me bemoan my terrible luck, a friend advised that I quit asking, “What else can go wrong?”
She said, “Hasn’t enough already gone wrong? Why ask for more? Change your luck by changing your attitude. Start being grateful for all the good things and people around you?”

Once I started expressing my appreciation for all the blessing I do have, things really started to turn around for me. A new, healthier, happier career opened up and I’ve been enjoying that for 15 years. I’m surrounded by kind, caring people. There’s always enough money to keep bills paid, with some left over for fun and donations.

My whole attitude has shifted because being grateful for all the goodness I experience truly does attract even more goodness into my life!

Tom Dorr: "Life is a Miracle"

I’m so thankful for this experience of life, the love of my wife, family, kids and friends.
Living in the present as much as possible and having the perspective of life is a miracle helps me be grateful, optimistic and get unstuck.
After losing my mother to alcoholism at an early age made me realize there is no guarantee that tomorrow will be here and to be thankful for each day. Be the miracle this life has given us.

Katherine: "Keep Calm and Expect Miracles"

In my home province, over the last month, political decisions, catalyzed by fear, were taken, banning face coverings. Many immigrants and refugees have felt hurt and unwelcome because of this law.
I feel sorrowful and embarrassed, that we as a fortunate, educated society cannot find loving solutions.
A few days ago, our city experienced a power failure. The subway system and traffic lights were down during the morning rush hour. Instead of taking the subway, I was forced to wait for a bus that was delayed.
As commuters boarded the bus, they were scolding the bus driver. Despite being faced with hostility, he was polite and kind, and quickly dispelled the tension… his loving approach worked a little miracle in those unhappy people.
Grateful, I smiled at the woman sitting next to me. She spoke to me with broken French. She is a Syrian refugee, in Canada for 3 months. I told her how happily the majority of Canadians welcome her and her fellow refugees, and how sorry I am that fear, of a vocal few, has triggered politicians to vote in unconstitutional and bigoted laws.
She cried happy tears, and told me that her personal encounters have been supportive and loving. Through calm, we can weather storms, big and small. All are miracles.

Congratulations to all of our winners! You each get your choice of any single product in our store. :)

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